Weifang Yuanfei Kite Co., Ltd.

Weifang yuanfei Kite Co.,Ltd. was established in 1989. We expert of all kinds of kites and specialized in manufacturing and designing promotional advertising kites.Invited by many countries in Europe. Asia and America,We have particcipated in the kite compitions and kite invitational toumaments for many times. At the same time,we have received a good reputation from both domestic and foreign guests.
  • Design-based customization
  • Sample-based customization
  • Minor customization
  • ODM services available
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kuang 鸢飞
kuang 鸢飞
kuang 鸢飞
kuang 鸢飞
kuang 鸢飞
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We have a professional design and service team

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Why Choose Yuanfei Kite

  • tubiao tubiao Design-based customization

    According to customer needs, one-to-one service to ensure satisfaction.

  • tubiao tubiao Sample-based customization

    Drawing to sample customization, manufacturers fast shipment.

  • tubiao tubiao Minor customization

    Minor means customized on logo/package/graphic customization.

  • tubiao tubiao ODM services available

    From concept to design, manufacturing and after-sales service, we provide you with industry-grade
    products and services.


Many kinds and customizable

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